SAIM College

South Asian Institute of Management

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”- Aristotle.  

Giving respect to these sagacious words, SAIM continuously work in all aspect of its students to make the excellence their habit not just one-time act. When good natured students come to SAIM, we nurture them in such a way that when they complete their few years journey at SAIM and go further in their career, they are admired for their intelligence, personalities, attitude, competencies, work ethics and soft skills.  SAIM tries to bring the best in its students through best possible teaching resources, practical exposures, experiential learning such as case studies, role playing, internships, lecture series, practical exposures so that they can face the market as a corporate athlete with both technical expertise and emotional intelligence.  

The amenable and learning culture at SAIM do enhance the amiable relationship among faculty and students so that SAIM can bring best out of them and live up to our tag line SAIM for SUCCESS.  Here at SAIM, we work on student’s competencies, ability and capability to pave their path towards the success. Thus, providing the holistic learning environment, taking care of the confidence in their eyes, genuine smiles on their faces, and humbleness in their nature, SAIM promise to provide the potential candidates who are visionaries, critical decision makers, change agents and above all good human beings.