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How a BBA Degree from SAIM can help you with your career | SAIM College

When you think about a BBA degree, you might think of long, exhausting hours, pouring into endless stacks of paper, dealing with numbers and eventually landing a job at a bank. However, there’s more to a BBA degree than you think.

Whether you’re interested in numbers, want to work with advertisements, like interacting with customers, or want to open up your own firm, getting a BBA degree is one of the best ways to get a headstart. In order to get started though, choosing one of the best colleges is crucial, and we, at SAIM College, offer a rewarding BBA programme to help you with your career aspirations.

To get you thinking, here are some of the few ways in which a BBA degree from SAIM can help you with your career:

  • Career options

A BBA degree is diverse and versatile - it opens new doors for career opportunities in fields like marketing, finance, accounting, HR, entrepreneurship, and the like. A graduate with a BBA degree can get great opportunities in the form of a number of roles that give a firsthand experience like Finance Officer, Marketing Officer, Business Executive, Human Resource Assistant, Business Development Executive, to name a few. What’s more is that a BBA degree can also provide you with the necessary business acumen to excel in areas like banking, multinational companies, social organizations, trade, and much more. Besides, a BBA degree can also help you develop the required entrepreneurial skills to open up your own business.

To foster managerial knowledge and skills within our students, our 4-year BBA programme includes a combination of subjects from different disciplines, along with practical assignments, projects, cases, and internships. Our BBA degree has helped place our graduates in respectable institutions like Nepal Rastra Bank, Global IME Bank, CG Group, Unilever, Hyundai, among others.

Here’s another catch: you can also complement your BBA degree with an MBA degree from SAIM.

  • Knowledge of other disciplines

A BBA degree isn’t just about getting good at numbers or selling products. It’s also about the human aspect of operating a business, which means that you’re learning about managing both tangible resources and people. At SAIM College, our BBA programme includes courses like sociology, psychology, fundamentals of logic, and such. These subjects help you develop some essential interpersonal skills that can help make your BBA degree invaluable to your career.

For instance, sociology complements a BBA degree in a way that helps you to deal with customers and employees in the workplace, and make you considerate of cultural and social phenomena. So you see, a BBA degree isn’t limited to calculations, but proceeds to help you manage people too.

  • Exposure and experience

A BBA degree from SAIM can help you gain the right exposure and experience you need to thrive in the corporate world.  It helps you improve your critical thinking, decision making, leadership, work ethic and interpersonal skills, just to name a few. With our internship and placement programmes, you’ll also be able to gain valuable work experience. Moreover, to complement your BBA degree, we also encourage our students to participate in our Sports Week, Corporate Meet, Interaction Programme, among other programmes.

By the time you graduate with a BBA degree, you’ll also be able to build a reliable network. With our SAIM Alumni Association, you can easily stay connected with our alumni to help you prosper even after your graduation.

  • Flexibility

With a BBA degree, you can be flexible when deciding to grow further in your career. For instance, upon the completion of your BBA degree, you can pursue degrees like MBA, CA, MIM, PGDM and MMS. Of course, if you can’t wait to earn while you study, this degree can provide you with the flexibility to work too. More importantly, the things you learn while pursuing a BBA degree at SAIM will be consistently applicable in your work.

At SAIM College, we believe that teaching is based on the concept of peer learning, collaboration and application of theoretical concepts. If you’re looking to get a BBA degree for your career growth, SAIM can be a great opportunity to learn and explore.

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