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Hunting jobs for freshers can be daunting, especially if you are making the transition from your acamedia to professional life. Starting a professional career is never easy as you have to deal with uncertainties and unknown challenges. In most cases, lack of proper career guidance or preparation might become a hindrance to get the right job.
Throughout four years of undergraduate degree, you might have high hopes and dreams about the kind of job and role you get into. One of the difficulties you face when searching for jobs for freshers is to market yourself effectively to land your dream job. The same holds true when tackling interviews or meeting your expected salary.
To help you deal with various challenges, here are effective approaches to seek jobs for freshers.
Start with self reflection
Student life is never easy, adding the fact that you have limited time for yourself -going to college, doing assignments, preparing for exams and much more work. Until this time, it’s more likely you are limiting your choices and options in life. Most probably, you haven’t taken time to know yourself fully and explore your interests. It’s time to give time for yourself, and look forward to developing your career roadmap and vision.
Before job hunting as a  fresher, give yourself some time for self reflection. 
Here are some questions to start with:
What careers or professions inspire me?
What would I love to do for the rest of my life if time and money were no barrier for me?
What kind of projects, internship or courses bring excitement to me previously? And 
What I dislike about them?
Once you figure this out, you can research on the types of job that matches your work and area of interest. List out 10 jobs and prepare yourself for informational interviews.
Seek out informational interviews
An informational interview means having an informal meeting with a person who has experience regarding a particular job you are interested in.  
Informational interviews can play a pivotal role when you are seeking jobs for freshers. By having an informational interview, you get networking opportunity and know about the area of your interest. It helps you gain insight into the job market, roles and responsibilities before you move into job.
Look for people who work in a particular field you are interested in. This may include people in your network, friends, family, college alumni, professors just to name a few. Ask them questions about anything you want to know.
Another way to seek out an informational interview is by attending events, going to seminars and attending meetups. Prepare yourself regarding questions you will ask about particular field, role and company.
So, set yourself for an informational interview, meet people and expand your network. The more you prepare, the more you have the chance to find jobs for freshers. You never know what will come next until you do it.
Make yourself more employable
Finding jobs for freshers have become more competitive with an increasing number of graduates entering the job market every year. It’s even harder to find jobs for freshers with an academic degree alone. So, making yourself more employable is equally important if you are seeking jobs for freshers.
Tailor your CV to the job
The first thing every college student should do is prepare your CV. Trust me, you will feel great about yourself if you do this on your first day of college. Even though you are a student without prior work experience, juggling in between college classes and home, you need to think ahead about your future. Prepare yourself from the beginning, and start adding your new skills you have acquired and any experiences you have gained so far. Add your education experiences such as class projects, volunteering and internships activities. You may highlight your contributions, results, challenges you faced when leading the projects or organizing events in your college. And why are we preparing during the first year of college, it’s quite simple, over the course of four years of college, you will be engaged in a lot of activities. So frequently updating your CV will make you not miss out, all the experiences and achievements .
Eventually, when it’s time to graduate and enter the 9-5 working world, you will fill your CV with the skills and achievements that you have compiled over the years, which are relevant to your employers.
Moreover, you can upload CV in job sites. It’s not only job seekers but also employers and recruiters are looking for potential candidates in job sites.
Look more professional online
A survey shows 80% of employers are looking for social media profile of potential employee before calling for a job interview. In this digital age, having a professional online presence plays a huge role in your recruitment process. One effective approach is to make your LinkedIn profile look more professional and use LinkedIn jobs to find a job for freshers.
Prepare yourself
Research about the company profile and job responsibilities before going for an interview. If you prepared yourself well, chances are you make a good impression to your employer.
Remember that finding jobs for freshers is an initial journey of your career, not a final destination. You may get rejection at first. You must be okay with that because so many things won’t happen as you wish to be. While you are hunting jobs for freshers, you must get used to ambiguity and uncertainty that exist in your way. At SAIM College, we take it upon ourselves to help our students beyond the classroom activities. We have our own Graduates Placement Cell that leads its graduates to a diversified platter of jobs and employers after or before graduation. Our BBA and MBA(Global Business) programs provide students with a sound conceptual foundation and practical skills in various areas of management and prepares them for the global market.
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