A Humble Beginning: Embarking on My Journy with SAIM Toastmasters


Write: Aman Lama, MBA VI Trimester

A Humble Beginning: Embarking on My Journy with SAIM Toastmasters

Life sometimes hands us chances that are both exciting and a bit scary. For me, one of those chances was joining SAIM Toastmasters – a decision that would make a big difference in how I grew as a person. When I walked into that first meeting, I felt both curious and nervous. Little did I know, this small beginning would lead to big changes.

Facing the Scary Part

Speaking in front of a group was always something that made me uneasy. Just the idea of standing up and sharing my thoughts with a bunch of people made me really nervous. But I wanted to get better at it and become a better speaker. So, I took a leap and joined SAIM Toastmasters.Walking into the meeting room was like stepping into a new world. Everyone was so friendly, and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. It felt like a safe place, and that made me feel better. This was the place where my journey to grow began.

A Group of Supportive Friends

The heart of SAIM Toastmasters was the people – a bunch of folks who were all trying to get better at speaking and communicating. In this nice environment, everyone's journey was important. Since I was new, I got paired with a mentor who knew what it was like to feel nervous. They helped guide me and showed me what to do. My first task was to give an "Ice Breaker" speech. It was just a short talk about myself. Even though it was brief, it meant a lot. I got to share a bit about who I am and take a step toward getting rid of my fear. As I spoke, the people in the room nodded and smiled, which made me feel like I wasn't alone.

Every Little Success Counts

The journey wasn't always easy. Making speeches, using the right tone, and using body language were hard things to learn. But at SAIM Toastmasters, they gave me what I needed to improve. Other members gave me helpful advice that I never thought of before. They pointed out what I was doing well and where I could get better. With each speech, I felt more confident. The fear I had before started to fade away. I found myself enjoying being on stage and talking to the audience. What once seemed really scary became something I looked forward to, all thanks to the nice people at SAIM Toastmasters.

A Journey Keeps Going

The simple start I had with SAIM Toastmasters was just the beginning of a big journey. What began as a way to conquer fear turned into a way to find myself and feel stronger. The supportive friends, the mentors, and the chance to face my fears helped me start a new chapter in my life.This journey wasn't just about talking in front of people; it was about being brave, learning from my mistakes, and celebrating small wins. SAIM Toastmasters became a place where my journey was valued and cheered on by people who were walking the same path.

When I think back to those first moments, I remember that every big journey begins with a small step. My time with SAIM Toastmasters taught me that every challenge, no matter how scary, can turn into an amazing chance to grow and find out more about myself. It all begins with a simple start, a single step toward something greater.


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