SHAKTI S. RANA, Professor
Ph. D., Hawaii and the East West Centre, USA
MBA, Hawaii and the East West Centre, USA

sExperience:  Prof. Rana has more than 15 years of teaching experience in Management Information system and Quantitative Analysis. He has been a member in the High Technology Adoption and Advancement Committee, and the Communication and Information Policy and Evaluation Council, both under the Ministry of Communication and Information, HMG, Nepal. He is an active member of various institutions such as – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer, USA; Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineers, India; Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, USA; New York Academy of Sciences, USA; Nepal Engineers Association; and the National Geographic Society. He is an active trainer and has provided professional consulting to UH Media-Lab, and Grace Pacific Roofing, USA.

Area of Interest: Management Information System, Operations Management.




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